Because we can help our planet and look great

Shopping time!

Creating a habit of looking better while doing better

The fashion industry

It can be overwhelming when we start making research about what and where to buy clothes without damaging our planet. Fortunately, more companies are joining sustainable practices and new brands are growing.

I added to the left side the brands that work in a sustainable culture and to the right programs and online stores that offer the best deals for our pockets!!


This is one of my favorite brands! They develop their own sustainable, soft, and stand the test of time fibers and materials. With their “tees for trees” initiative they have planted 353,990 trees since 2010.

Worn Wear

This is an initiative from Patagonia, taking back 100 percent of the gear you return for recycling through the Worn Wear program. They also have a cool website where you can read more facts of how this program works and more.

Marine Layer

Another great line of clothing!! It offers comfortable, soft still on style designs and the best of all is they use materials made from safe, recycled, regenerated or renewable inputs. You can see more about their impact report on their page.


This is a great idea if you want to get rid of your old clothes and get new ones, especially now with the new year, new clothes!

This online store offers cool brands at an affordable price.

MATE the label

This brand is more on the pricey side and offers some comfortable day to day clothing style. In Kayti Carr, CEO, words “As a business, we believe that prioritizing the health of the planet and its people is an urgent matter. By committing to non-toxic, natural, and Organic materials, we hope to lead the clean fashion movement and affect change in the industry".

¡Vida sustentable que simplemente tiene sentido!

Thred up

I added Thredup as an example of a thrift shop. When we shop at this type of store, we re-use items, decreasing the need for the production of more clothes, and another great benefit, besides lower prices, it’s that you reduce the size of landfills.