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Some ideas for you


As with other man-made activities, food production contributes to climate change, water scarcity, soil degradation and the destruction of biodiversity.1 It is estimated that 25% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are directly caused by crop and animal production and forestry.' The crop and livestock sectors use 70% of freshwater resources and, together with forestry, occupy 60% of the Earth’s land surface. 2

The following are some ideas about how to start eating more cleanly, that will help us and our planet. These are some of the brands that are trying their best following a sustainable work ethic.

Also, let’s don’t forget about supporting our local farmer markets!!

Daily harvest

This company offers weekly or monthly delivery boxes of vegan frozen bowls, smoothies and snacks. I have tried this service and I loved it, plus, all the packaging is compostable!

Green chef

This company is all about eating and living green. Is a USDA certified organic company who works with farmers to source sustainable, delicious ingredients.

Good eggs

A Californian grocery and meal delivery company, they work with farmer markets, the products come from farms that raise their animals on pasture and is non subscription required! Unfortunately it is only available in the Bay Area.

Another ideas

Reducing our intake of meat and choosing to eat more green, eating local products instead of far away transported food, helps significantly our environment. Virginia Wesleyan University give us more examples of sustainable food choices.

Another helpful website to find information: Each green corner and Harvard T.H. Chan